Why Working at McDonald’s Isn’t That Bad

The Springboard To Success

What goes through your mind when you think about McDonalds’ workers? Do you think of spotty teenagers or high flying executives? mcdvoice

If you have never had the good fortune of working at McDonalds, then you might have a negative perception of the jobs that it offers. But if you read this article, then you will come to realise that McDonald’s careers can be full of wonder, promise and joy.

An Education In Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

McDonald’s offers young people a chance to learn how to run a business. Suppose you run a large business. Would you entrust one of your outlets to a 17 year old? McDonalds does just that, and more, providing young people around the world with a world class education in running a business – from hiring and firing, to team building, procurement and accounting.

As a student, I had many friends who ran McDonald’s stores. While some of us had yet to enter university, the more dedicated among us were managing McDonald’s restaurants, developing the skills that would allow them to successfully set up their own businesses in the future.

A Broadening of Young Minds

Schools can isolate separate the social classes, with wealthier children attending different schools to those from poorer families. However, McDonalds accepts candidates from all social and ethnic groups, allowing many of them to come together for the first time. Wealthy parents often send their children to work in McDonalds in order to better understand those who are less fortunate than them, and to learn the value of money. A shining example of this is the Thailand’s former Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, who sent his 17 year old daughter to work at McDonalds in 2004.

How To Excel And Perform Calmly While Under Pressure

Imagine a city trading room, full of aggressive traders screaming prices across the room as they make or lose millions of dollars in seconds. Aside from the monetary aspect, a McDonald’s restaurant during the lunch time rush is not too different.

Customers often speak loudly to be heard above the din of the crowd, and cashiers shout orders to the sandwich makers as the cooking machinery is noisy.

A job at McDonalds therefore helps its workers to learn how to perform calmly while surrounded by chaos. Those who fail to do this successfully will have to deal with complaints from unhappy customers who either wait too long, receive the wrong order, or are subjected to other errors. McDonalds’ workers must therefore adapt quickly in order to survive in its fast paced environment.

Free Food And Good Friends!

Working at McDonalds isn’t all about seriousness. The free food on offer is a great benefit to those who love its popular burgers and fries. Many stores also have unofficial eating contests, where staff are challenged to perform tasks such as eating 60 chicken nuggets in under 60 minutes.

Most workers also make lifelong friendships with their co workers, and sometimes even start up new businesses together, thus making long term wealth from the skills and friendships that they learned from McDonalds.


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