The Jaguar XJ220 Sports Car

Panther XJ220 – A nearby glance at this exemplary games vehicle’s exhibition, specialized information, highlights, contrasting opponents, history, utilized costs

from Classic to Modern 

The Sports Car Racer 

In the last part of the 1980’s, it was felt that what was required was a cutting edge rendition of the fruitful C-Type and D-Type Le Mans Jaguar vehicles of the 1950’s and 1960’s that could be entered in FIA Group B occasions.

The underlying idea depended on a mid-engined, four wheel drive vehicle, fueled by a Jaguar V12 XK motor.

Since it had an extended maximum velocity of 220 mph at that point, in accordance with its ancestor  แข่งแนสคาร์   the XK120, it was assigned the XJ220 Jaguar sports vehicle.

Regarding the motor, a 7 liter V12 unit with two overhead cams and four valves for every chamber, it was utilized in the XJR-9 racer that succeeded at Le Mans.

It utilized dry sump grease which diminished the vehicle’s focal point of gravity.

Subsequently, it was chosen to utilize this motor, yet with the limit diminished to 6.2 liters, and utilizing titanium con bars.

This unit had double the quantity of valves per chamber and camshafts as the current creation V12 motor, which settled on it a decent decision for use in a Jaguar sports vehicle racer.

Since Jaguar had restricted mastery in four wheel drive frameworks, the work was subcontracted to the organization that had been instrumental in the plan of the framework utilized in the Jensen FF, the main games vehicle to be fitted with four wheel drive transmission.

The styling of the aluminum body was to be founded on that utilized in the D-Type.

Albeit expected to have a street vehicle capacity, when set okay with dashing, the body would deliver around 300 pounds of down power at 200 mph, helped by a variable back wing that collapsed away at low speeds.

It brandished electrically worked scissor entryways, and a covering that permitted the motor to be seen.

It had cowhide inside, warmed windscreens both front and back, electrically worked windows and customizable seats, and cooling.

It utilized an aluminum case with back wheel controlling, the suspension tallness was flexible, and it was fitted with ABS.

The idea Jaguar sports vehicle was dispatched in 1988 at the British International Motor Show in Birmingham, and was generally welcomed, with around 1,500 stores being put dependent on creation in mid 1992.

The Production Car

The form put into creation was fueled by a 3.5 liter, twin Garrett TO3 turbocharged motor, with twin overhead cams in addition to four valves for each chamber, and connected to two intercoolers and a five speed gearbox.

It was, indeed, an uncommonly planned race vehicle unit, planned by Cosworth, and first utilized in the XJR-10 and XJR-11 dashing vehicles.

The firt V12 motor was discovered not to be appropriate, on weight and outflow contemplations. The difference in motor implied that the wheelbase could be abbreviated, with a decrease in weight.

The motor had an aluminum head and square, in addition to steel con pole and driving rod. Moreover, it had dry sump oil, multi-point fuel infusion, and restricted slip differential.

It created 540 bhp at 7200 rpm, and 475 ft/lbs of force at 4500 rpm, which gave it a maximum velocity of 213 mph, and a 0-60 mph season of 3.6 secs.

The scissor entryways and back wheel directing were not utilized in the creation variation. It had 13 inch plate brakes at the front and 11.8 inch at the back, and had no force helped controlling.

Creation started in 1992, however by 1994, just 275 of these vehicles had been assembled, and no more were arranged.


This was because of market disillusionment when the V12 was supplanted by a V6 motor, in addition with the impact of the 1990’s downturn, which caused numerous purchasers who had set a store choosing not to practice their choice to purchase.

The rundown cost in January 1990 was £290,000 barring charge, while the retail cost in 1992 was £470,000. Panther vehicles execution:

Puma available to be purchased

As far as deals of exemplary Jaguar vehicles, at that point a case of a XJ220 in great condition could hope to accomplish around $170,000, while one in brilliant condition could bring as much as $230,000.

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