Halloween, the Celtic New Year Festival of Samhain in Stories and Legends

The old Celtic New Year celebration of Samhain got referred to in Christian occasions as Halloween when like numerous other antiquated Celtic celebrations it was adjusted by Christianity. It denotes the finish of Celtic peaceful year when the groups of tamed creatures were driven back to the sanctuary of their slows down for the winter and the start of the new year which is set apart by antiquated traditions of custom purging and recharging. Extraordinary mind blowing, emotional and frightening occasions happen as of now and it is the event of blissful festival. Visit – ตำนานน่ากลัว


All through the Celtic world, all flames were quenched and customarily reignited from the holy druidic stylized flames. All night the scene was enlightened by incalculable consecrated flames. It was a mystical and exceptionally profound time when the detachment between the natural world and the Otherworld vanished and for a second man and soul had free admittance to the Other’s reality. Enchanted ponies, bulls and winged animals, pixies and other peculiar and great animals are said to have meandered openly about the land.


A few stories recount two youngsters enticed into traverse by a delightful pixie lady into a house brimming with revelers, who are devouring and moving uncontrollably. There one of the youngsters acknowledge a cup of pixie wine while his friend leaves. The partner returns on the morrow just to discover companion, house and ladies evaporated, not to be seen again until the accompanying Halloween when they and the youngster are seen once more, actually moving.

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