Football Trophies

American football is the main observer group activity in the U.S.A. Outside of the U.S. furthermore, Canada it is called American football, to recognize it from other football match-ups like soccer or rugby football. American football advanced from rugby football in the late nineteenth century. 

The game is a group activity. The object of the game is to control the football into the adversary’s end zone and score focuses. The ball can be progressed via conveying it or passing it to a colleague. Focuses are scored via conveying the ball into the end zone, passing it to a partner past the objective line or kicking it between the goal lines. The group that has scored the most noteworthy focuses when the time terminates is announced the champ. Visit :- ข่าวบอล

English Colonial pilgrims carried the sport of football to the Americas at the turn of the seventeenth century. About 200 years after the fact, football was acquainted with American universities, and in 1867 the main arrangement of rules of American football were drawn up in Princeton College. They were fundamentally the same as the standards of soccer. The game was gotten by different universities, for example, Rutgers, Columbia, Yale and Harvard. In 1876, the Intercollegiate Football Association was shaped to draw up decides that were like the rugby association. 

A few changes were acquainted with the game after it was discovered that it was perilous and causing high fatalities. It was not until 1920s that expert group games were begun. The American Professional Football Association (APFA) was begun in 1921. It was renamed the NFL (National Football League) in 1922. The main title was between the Chicago Bears and New York Giants. 

In 1960, another group was framed, called the American Football League (AFL). Toward the finish of the 1966 season, the NFL champions played the AFL champions for the main actually Super Bowl, the world cup of American football. Football is played at various levels in the U.S. furthermore, somewhere else. The significant classes are as per the following: National Football League (high level men’s expert association), NFL Europe, College Football, Mexican College Football, British Collegiate American Football League, German Football League, North American Football League and Women’s American Football.

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