The New Age Movement Vs Christianity – Part 1

I need to unmistakably show you in this report how the standards of the NAM and of the book of scriptures are oppositely restricted.


The New Age Movement (NAM) is a patched up blend of old strict, conventions and practices. The development gets its name from the faith in the rise of the “Period of Aquarius”. Notwithstanding old impacts, the NAM is profoundly established in the nonconformity สินค้าไอทีใหม่ๆdevelopment of the 1960’s. Note: For quickness purposes, in this report I allude to the New Age Movement as the NAM.


It is difficult to get a gauge of the quantity of New Age devotees since it envelops so numerous conviction frameworks, (for example, rebirth, the mysterious, and so on.). In America alone it is assessed that 10,000,000 individuals have confidence in or practice the NAM somehow. Be that as it may, when you include related convictions, for example, in rebirth, and other Far Eastern convictions in the USA and the world; at that point the worldwide participation is accepted to be a whole lot more noteworthy. It really fits the portrayal of a whore religion as depicted in end time book of scriptures predictions.


A typical conviction among the NAM is that humanity has or will before long enter another age known as the Age of Aquarius, whereby man will at last come to grasp love, euphoria, harmony, wealth, and concordance among people groups and countries; the Golden Age of man. So dependent on what’s going on around the globe today, plainly this new time of harmony is no place in sight.


I will plainly give you how the standards of the NAM and of the good book are oppositely contradicted. You CANNOT put stock in the God of the holy book in the event that you grasp the New Age theory. I need to re-stress that they are oppositely contradicted – supreme alternate extremes! They resemble light versus obscurity, day versus night, similar to extremity, and to author an expression acquainted with New Agers – they are contrary energies like “Yin and Yang”.


The Genesis of the New Age Movement (NAM) 


The term New Age alludes to the coming mysterious Age of Aquarius. It is like the Mayan confidence in isolated ages. As per the Age of Aquarius devotees, the planet experiences enormous cosmic cycles which can be distinguished celestially; the earlier 2,000 years were depicted as the Age of Pisces, which has now offered path to the Age of Aquarius. This age is accepted to keep going for around 2000 years, before being supplanted by another age. Be that as it may, the “new” in the words “New Age” are tricky regardless. Despite the fact that they speak to that it is new a result of an alleged new age that will be proclaimed in by prophetic signs (Age of Aquarius and other Astrology impacts), pretty much every other conviction and practice have antiquated roots.


Indeed, even the NAM’s “New Age of Aquarius” topic is old news – it is Astrology based. Crystal gazing has been around since old occasions – the conviction the superb bodies influence people for a mind-blowing duration cycle.


The secret of the stars and planetary developments is something that pulls in numerous devotees to the NAM; however the NAM is simply reiterating old folklore and decorating it as though the development of the heavenly body Aquarius will by one way or another delivery some sort of perfect pith into man; changing over man to a God or Goddess. Sort of sounds like old Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Roman Mythology once more – isn’t that right? To become familiar with the foundation of and the


Numerous acts of this faction development, for example, crystal gazing, perceptiveness, divination, black magic/witchcraft, sorcery (counseling the dead), and spiritism are obviously and unequivocally denounced in Scripture (Deuteronomy 18: 9-17; Isaiah 47: 9-15; Rev. 17). A large number of these mysterious practices started from the riddle religions of the old Assyrian-Babylonian, Chaldeans, and Egyptians.


Both outreaching Christians and Catholics have communicated worry over the NAM and its impact. The Roman Catholic Church for instance distributed A Christian reflection on the New Age in 2003, following a six-year study; the 90-page archive censures New Age practices, for example, yoga, contemplation, feng shui, and gem mending. As indicated by the Vatican, euphoric states accomplished through New Age practices ought not be mistaken for supplication or saw as indications of God’s essence.

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