Loving Our Hair to Death – Here Come the Wigs

So let’s talk some truth that most won’t. Our hair is one of, if not the single most important fashion accessory we obsess over. Second to none, our mass collection of designer jeans, handbags, and six inch stiletto pumps will sadly fail if that one most important element, our hair, falls down on the job. Replacing and trading in our used up blue jeans, softened and distressed leather handbags, or broken off stiletto heels, is certainly no match in having to admit defeat of overprocessed and damaged hair. love lock

We see it, live it, and hate it every time we turn the corner. Whether staring straight into the face of the most up-to-date fashion diva with three toned singed hair, giving subtle clues of “please look at my shoes,” or ahead at ourselves in the mirror to an unwanted truth of less than lovely locks, the reality is, many of us just overdo it to death.

So what is one to do? Obvious options are to reckon the truth and make a decision to cut your hair down to what healthy hair might be left underneath the masses of damaged hair, or in some unfortunate cases, realize it is just too late, the damage is done, and there is nothing left to save. Talk about a bad hair day!

Next comes the dance of rationalization and grieving, yes, all stages will be met. Deciding a way out of this mess is as stressful as gaining fifty pounds in one day, and not having a single dollar to buy those designer jeans to accommodate your lack of attention to the matter. Either way, you need a quick fix, and you need it fast!

Reality states, these are the avenues we are left with: a) stay at home and comfort yourself with bon bons, b) find a trendy hat or scarf, c) consider buying a hairpiece or wig and weather the storm.

The truth is, the two latter options are going to be the best bet. Unless you are comfortable with also having to deal with depression, weight gain, and unemployment, life marches on, and to be quite frank, nobody really cares about what brought you to this point of despair except for your local hairdresser and psychologist who are standing in line to take the money you will need to fix your immediate problem.

There are actually a lot of terrific options with hats, scarves, hairpieces and wigs that can help what feels like the worse case scenario a little more tolerable. If you truly take a moment to notice, you will see that many of the adored tresses we crave, are artificially enhanced by hair extensions, hair additions and full wigs to achieve such perfection. It’s become one of the “it things” to do. They are natural looking, light to wear, easy to put on, and are just darn gorgeous. Throw the latest style hat or scarf atop your new locks, and viola, you’ve just achieved a perfected look as the many you’ve adored yourself. Transforming your look and beauty routine becomes simple with the endless styles, colors and creativity they offer. You may want to reconsider bypassing the visit to your local hairdresser as evidence to the fact.

Do not despair, there is help and hope for anyone needing the proverbial Overstyling Detox Program. Finding help and ideas is as simple as picking up the latest fashion magazine, taking a stroll down Robertson Blvd. in L.A., or by visiting a local wig shop. You just might find that a new look, whether by choice or forced, is as intoxicating as the next pair of designer shoes.


Author: admin