How To Find A Towing Company On The Internet

We all need a tow company at one time in our life. Savvy internet users have used the same methods time and time again searching for products but when looking for service did they find the best bet? Advertising or searching on the internet is like floating on a boat in the middle of the ocean but one thing is solid, always look for the physical address of the tow service to determine if they are the closest to your breakdown location.

Here is where becoming an internet detective puts the odds in your favor.

When looking at the tow company:

  1. Do they have a website listed in the url below the description?
  2. Is their physical address posted and how long have they been in business? Pasadena towing
  3. How far away are they from your breakdown?
  4. If their phone number is an 800#, still look for their physical address. You may get a responding tower more than 5 miles which means more cost and a longer wait time for a response.
  5. Just because the tow company is listed in the directories that pop up on the first page of your search still does not equate to them as the closest to your breakdown location. Many companies pay to be in these directories. So again, you need to verify their physical location. There are directories that will list towing companies as far away as 40 miles which adds to the confusion. Again, just because a towing service pays to be on that directory’s “first page”, the directory has not given the consumer the best service, if that directory does not have or will not post towers from the city closest to your breakdown.
  6. If the company does not have tow or towing as part of their business name, it would be a good ass umption that they hire out. This will also raise your cost so keep that in mind when looking for a tow.

Location, location, location, that’s the best bet when looking for service. In these times of trust and value, consumers want to be sure they have the “real deal”. Searching the internet gives results, but the best result is a valid website, no hidden addresses, and no hidden owners. Anyone can post a name and a phone number, especially an 800 number which will not tell you where that towing company is physically located. The internet is a vast resource of information but it is up to the internet peruser to determine which advertised company, yes even a tow company, is the best bet.

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