Home Security With Camera – Protection For Those You Care About

Electronic technology today makes it much easier to keep track of your house even when you aren’t there. Electronic sensors placed on windows and door openings that must be deactivated with a numeric code have been around for a long time and security companies make use of such sensors in order to respond quickly when there is a signal of an unauthorized entry. Some elaborate security systems include sensors for smoke or fire alarms. filipina webcam

Another more frequent use of cameras in the home is as a monitor for the treatment of your children, particularly infants while in the care of a nanny or housekeeper. In some instances, mounting a security camera where it can secretly monitor the actions of the caregiver has provided evidence of the child being punished severely or shaken violently. In such cases there are criminal charges brought against the caregiver. If you have concerns about your child’s caregiver, placing a spy camera in an area where the activities can be monitored is an excellent idea. Usually such equipment is placed where it cannot be readily seen, such as in another piece of electronic equipment. The camera can be activated by a timer, by voice, or by a signal from a remote device.

Even if you are not using the services of a baby-sitter or nanny, you can use a home security camera to be able to monitor your infant or child while they are sleeping or playing so that you are able to accomplish other tasks as well. By setting up one or more cameras in areas where the child spend time, you can view their activities from a kitchen or laundry room by using a monitor and a remote positioning and panning device on the camera. Such cameras are relatively easy to install and operate and provide tremendous peace of mind for the parent.

Using a similar set up for an elderly parent allows you to check on their well-being even when you cannot be present. In fact, the story is told of a web cam saving the life of a mother in the Philippines when the family living in the United States realized she had fallen and could not get up. Many elderly would be able to stay in their own homes longer if they had such a system as a camera so their safety could be monitored.

Surveillance cameras have been used to catch a thief in the home when it is someone like a maid, housekeeper or other day help. Usually this triggered by jewelry or money coming up missing. Sometimes the guilty person is a family member but if the act is caught on camera, there is no doubt about the identity of the perpetrator.


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